February 16, 2014

Trust me when I tell you I lie....

Why anyone would want to attend a church pastored by me, sit across from me in a counseling session, follow me on this blog or on Facebook, and read anything I write is a mystery. Especially after telling you up front that I lie, yet I can be trusted.

Is is possible that a man who tells you upfront that he lies can be trusted? OK, maybe I'm not a full blown liar, but for sure one whose life is filled with many harmless contradictions. I guess you could say much of my life is a paradox.

Let me explain… In my closet are 2 pair of custom made cowboy boots and a pair of riding boots. They are lined up neatly on the bottom row of my shoe rack. But the real truth is I don't own and have never owned a horse or cattle, and have no plans to do so.

On my desk is a nice case that holds many beautiful writing instruments. I think the number is now up to… let me not say. While they are very beautiful and functional, I spend all my time typing and tapping away on my computer or iPad.

Mounted on the wall in my office is a nice trout and several ducks. But I'm really not a big hunter or fisherman. Sure, I have hunted and fished, but not enough to be considered a real sportsman. For sure not enough to have game mounted on the wall.

Since I am coming clean maybe I ought to tell you my closet is filled with an over abundance of workout clothes with TCU logos. The truth is I never went to TCU and haven't worked out since I don't know when.

I could feel bad, but I don't. Why? Because these are as stated, 'harmless contradictions'. You see if all of us closely examined our lives we would find many contradictions. While not changing my office decor or getting rid of my boots, I do want to always be real, open and honest and deal with every contradiction that keeps me from being the man God intended me to be.