August 2, 2013

Fort Worth here we come...

Well, that time of the year is almost upon us. You may ask, "what time of the year is that?"  My response is, "Are You Ready For Some Football?!"  I'm talking primarily about NCAA college football. Let me get this out of the way first:  I am a big TCU fan. I didn't follow them until I sent my youngest daughter to school there. It just seemed right that if they were getting most of my income, that I should have a right to expect not only a good husband for my daughter (which I got), but also a good football team. I will have to say they have not disappointed me the last few years. 

Preacher's Wife suggested that since there is no more college tuition to pay that we should still invest something in the school.  I told her I could think of nothing better than season tickets to their football games. She agreed. She loves football but she also loves the idea of seeing her youngest grandchildren on a regular basis. So we became season ticket holders. Now since the college tuition almost broke me we have to sit in the end zone, but what the heck, she still gets to see her grandchildren and I get to use my new binoculars. I hope whatever team you are rooting for wins, especially if they are a Texas team - UNLESS, they are playing against TCU.

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