August 25, 2012

Married to an avid Quilter...

My lovely wife Anne known by many as Preacher's Wife became a quilter about 18 months ago. At that time I thought it was a neat hobby for her to take up since she is a fantastic seamstress as well as mother and grandmother. She immediately set a goal to make all her children and grandchildren a special quilt from Nonny.

As of this post I haven't seen her in about 18 months. Don't laugh it's not funny.  Only a quilter's spouse would know this to be a true statement.

When she first started I had no idea that quilting would be so expensive. According to statistics it ranks above hunting and golfing for the most money spent on a hobby. That was hard for me to believe until now.

Being the loving husband I am and wanting my wife to be happy and totally fulfilled, I turned our guest bedroom into her sewing and quilting room. And that was when she first went missing.

At present she is on target for her goal of making quilts for the children and grandchildren.  Even though I am her ONLY financial sponsor, I have yet to hear about any quilt being made for me.

So as she quilts away for others, I am left with only a U-haul moving blanket for any means of cover. Prayers welcome!

I am pretty sure she will will have a rebuttal of this post on her blog soon. Preachers Wife Speaks

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Threadhead said...

Oh, Bro. Ron... you'll get your quilt... someday!