February 16, 2011

Treat them like family - Feed them like family...

Preacher's Wife never gets angry or says a word, she just shakes her head and rolls her eyes. Today, I took Bo and Jake to Petsmart to have them groomed. While I was there I picked up a bag of dog food. I decided to get them a new brand of food called BLUE made by the Blue Buffalo Company. It was advertised as "Treat them like Family, Feed them like Family."

Since I really love my dogs I thought I would treat them like family.  I proceeded to the counter to check out when I soon discovered that I was paying more than I had for a weeks worth of groceries when my children were growing up. I won't disclose how much I paid so you won't think I'm a bad steward. Preacher's Wife loves Bo and Jake as much as me, so I thought she would be thrilled, until she said, "how much did you pay for this?" When I told her she just rolled her eyes and shook her head. It looks like the dogs and I will be eating BLUE, the all natural, holistic dog food for the next month. The upside is that it promises a shiny coat as well as longevity. So when you see me next, congratulate me on my shiny look and my new lease on life.