October 16, 2011

The Filing Cabinet Finale... +Go Rangers

I'm really not interested in the assembly of the filing cabinet becoming a series, but I would like to wrap things up in a positive way. When my children were growing up and they made a bad choice or had a bad experience, I would always encourage them to put it behind them and move forward. I would then ask them what they learned from the experience. Now I can hear my children saying to me, "OK Dad, what did you learn from this, or what is the principle behind this experience?" It is amazing what our children remember from their childhood and how it will often come back to bite you in the butt. So here are 3 things for us (me) to remember. First, when the price is not an issue, go with what you most like. Second, if you're not good at assembling things, don't do it. Third, finish what you start...even if there are parts left over. So if I was a Texas Ranger going to the World Series I would be batting over 600. First, I bought what I liked, and thought would fit the decor. Second, I finished the project. But I struck out by not having it preassembled. Go Rangers!

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