July 30, 2010

"My Dad Wouldn't Help Me!"

My son who pastors Christian Fellowship Church in McAllen Texas sent me the introduction to one of his messages a few weeks back entitled, "My Dad Wouldn't Help Me!" I thought I would print it before I shared with you the follow-up message I preached one week later when I was the speaker there.

"My Dad Wouldn't Help Me!"

I called my dad the other day and reminded him of some stories in our past, and I told him I was thinking of a message about problem solving called “My Dad the Problem Causer”. We had a good laugh, and we agreed that the title needed some fine-tuning.

I think we have all heard the phrase “They’re a real problem solver.” That term is used a lot in business, and it refers to someone who has the ability to take complex and personal situations and work out solutions that achieve that groups agenda and in most cases salvages every ones feelings.

Problem causer or problem solver? But that’s not really the right question, because I don’t know of a good father who “causes” problems for their children.

However, I can tell you from my own experience that a good father will allow his children to be smack dab in the middle of a crisis and not solve their problem for them.

So I’ve fine-tuned my title. It’s not “My Dad the Problem Causer”, it’s “My Dad Wouldn’t Help Me”.

And listen, it’s not because he couldn’t help me, there were times in my life when my dad could have fixed my problem. There were, and are, times in my life where my father could solve my problems. My father is one of those people; he’s a problem solver! And a very good one.

But my Dad didn’t use his problem solving skills to solve my problems. My dad used his problem solving skills to solve his problems. He knew that if he solved all my problems and the problems of everyone else that came to him, that his problem solving skills would increase and that theirs/mine would never develop.

One time when I was about 17 our church in Harlingen, where I grew up, had an outreach. We went to a city park and had a church service with the people in the city. I had a little Nissan pickup so that afternoon I helped transport the PA system to the park....... It was a great message. Basically he stated that it's not good for parents to always rescue or fix their children's every problem. But rather teach them to solve problems and take responsibility.

July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetheart...

Well, today is Preacher's Wife's birthday. It is not important what her age is, though she is very proud of it. She said, "it's just a number." I love her spirit and her attitude. If you know her, then you know she is a happy, upbeat, positive person. She always sees the glass 'half full' rather than 'half-empty". She is a great wife, a wonderful mother and grandmother, and a true friend. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

July 11, 2010

Sitting on the Deck by the Mesquite..

We recently moved to the Del Webb Community here in San Antonio. It is an active adult living community for people 55 and better. We are having the time of our life. Today, Sunday July 11 we are sitting on the deck by the mesquite. I travel around 45 weekends a year so when I am home on an off weekend we celebrate the Lord and his beautiful creation by sitting on our deck and enjoying mimosas. This weekend we have been privileged to have our friends Ernie and Lyn Fitzpatrick. It has been one great weekend. Today was truly a day of rest.

July 4, 2010

My two little girls...

Preacher's Wife and I spent July 4th in Fort Worth with our youngest daughter Marlie and her family. It was good to have our other daughter Amy and her kids home from Denver for a few days. We shopped, cooked burgers, attended the neighbor parade and enjoyed the pool. It was a fun, busy, tiring day, therefore, my two little girls took an afternoon nap and I was able to snap this shot of them.

July 2, 2010

Just what I ordered... NOT!

That's right I did NOT order rain for this July 4th weekend. My daughter and her family are here from Denver. My son and his family in McAllen are cleaning up after hurricane Alex. Preacher's WIfe and I will leave tomorrow for Fort Worth where our youngest daughter lives. I just checked the weather there and it is raining and scheduled to rain all weekend. Whoopie!!!

ATTITUDE CHECK: Well, now I am better. I love my family. I love Fort Worth. I love being together. I love being together with family and friends in Fort Worth even in the rain. Yea! I hope each of you my friends have a wonderful (dry) July 4th weekend.

July 1, 2010


For the past several months Preacher's Wife and I have been simplifying our lives. We downsized our home, sold my motorcycle as well as a couple of RV's that we were not making the most use of. Now we are settled into our new little home and I realized while I was making our life more simple I was making my social network world more complicated. I consolidated all my blogs, personal, travels and ministry to one website RonCorzine.Com. This would be very simple for me, but not for my few followers who were only interested in Preacher's Wife and my daily antics. So we are bringing www.sonofapreacher.com back to this format. Enjoy! Hope you bookmark or make this a favorite.