February 18, 2010

New Post @ www.roncorzine.com

If you follow my personal blog Son of a Preacher and I hope you do, as well as share it with others. You may want to take note that I am slowing moving all my blogs (personal, travel and ministry) to RonCorzine.Com. This will make it easy for me to maintain and possibly even blog more. I will leave this site up and try to duplicate the personal side of the blog for a month or so. I hope you would click on the link above and go to the new site RonCorzine.Com and bookmark that page or save it to your favorites. Some have ask about the old churches. I will eventually put them on flickr and have them there as well. Why not give it a look today. Thanks for you interest.

February 15, 2010

The alarm just went off..

Keeping a house ready to show must be somewhat like being a fireman. Of course only in this way: They diligently clean the trucks and the station everyday and then wait for the alarm to go off. Well the alarm just went off. The realtor called and said they were on their way over. We slid out of bed put our gear and are rushing out the door to Starbucks until we are informed we can return to the house. One of these times we know we will hear the realtor say, "we have a contract on the house." Will keep you posted.

February 9, 2010

Slow Showing....

When you begin the process of downsizing, and put your house on the market, you are suppose to be excited about showing the house and anxiously awaiting the first offer. I haven't been excited one bit since the sign went in the ground. I am by nature a very loving and thankful person, but I hate this whole process. I don't want to live in this big house anymore and I don't want to move to a smaller one. I just want to be left the heck alone. Preacher's Wife got the house ready to show almost immediately. What I didn't realize was that every hour of the day you have to keep the house ready to show. I feel like the KGB moved in. Everywhere I turn, or sit, or stand I feel there are hundreds of eyes on me. She is not the vocal kind of gal who says a lot, she just shakes her head meaning I am to remain seated or keep moving. It seems to be about sitting and waiting and not touching anything. This past week has been slow going or shall I say slow showing. It has been rainy and cold and no one seems interested in a house. But none the less the house has had to remain ready to show. If I had hair, I would pull it out.