October 15, 2010

Preacher's Wife Speaks

Many of you may know by now that Preacher's Wife has decided to become a blogger. She said something on her first post about 'setting the record straight'. I am not quite sure what she means by that. I feel like I have always given an accurate account of things as they happen. Of course I am going to see things through my eyes, and with a little different perspective than her. But 'setting the record straight', I don't get it. This sounds like I have out right lied and the truth needs to be told. My life's vocation is about speaking the truth. I may have from time to time miscalculated a date or a time frame but that is to be expected unless one is a flawless person. Hon, I am only human, give me a break. Anyway, I will not squelch her voice or right to speak. You can go to Preacher's Wife Speaks and become a follower of hers.

1 comment:

Jessica Ham said...

Ron, some of us are happy to hear her side of things. I know for me I have wondered her perspective at least a few times. Anyway, if nothing else it should be entertaining for us to read what you both have to say.