September 1, 2010

I discovered I am NOT very creative...

Arlington, Texas is the home of Cowboys Stadium, the $1.3 billion spaceship where Tony Romo plays on Sunday afternoons. It's also the home of the Texas Rangers baseball club as well as Six Flags Over Texas. Of lesser historical interest is the fact that Anne and I grew up and were married just 60 miles north of there in Dorchester, Texas. Recently I drove through there but didn’t see any historical markers anywhere concerning that date or event.

I was amazed when the local news reported that the city of Arlington was giving away free toilets. When I read the story I wondered why a city would do such a thing. Turns out they’re trying to save water. Old toilets, we’re told, consume as much as 30% of a household’s water during a typical day. New high-efficient models will apparently save more money in water bills than they cost.

If I were in charge of saving water in Arlington, I would think of campaigns to limit lawn watering, shorten showers, combine washing machine loads, run dishwashers only when full, and so on. I could have contemplated the problem for a year and never thought of giving away free toilets. See, I told you I wasn't creative.

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Justin said...

Wow! That is a great idea!!