August 4, 2010

You may think I'm crazy....

Yes, you may think I'm crazy when I tell you I flew to Dallas today and turned around and flew back as soon as I landed. You might ask, "What's wrong with you?" "Why would you do such a thing?" It has to do with short term inconvenience in exchange for long term convenience. Sure it was inconvenient, but it will pay off in the long run. When you travel as much as I do, you look for and take advantage of every creature comfort that you can find.  So here is my reason for today's inconvenience. I fly Southwest Airlines and to maintain what is call A-List status one must fly 32 one way segments or 16 round trips within a one year period.  I needed one round trip to requalify before tomorrow August 5.

So I flew to Dallas and back today. I know this doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but if you travel by air and find yourself living in an airport and standing in long lines week in and week out, you would change your mind.   I love my job which involves traveling almost every weekend. So living on the road means looking for all the creature comforts I can find. Wait til I tell you about Flight Tracker Pro, Tripit and Slingbox. 

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Amy Cheshire said...

As someone who rarely flys, that just sounds fun. Period. But I get ya!