July 2, 2010

Just what I ordered... NOT!

That's right I did NOT order rain for this July 4th weekend. My daughter and her family are here from Denver. My son and his family in McAllen are cleaning up after hurricane Alex. Preacher's WIfe and I will leave tomorrow for Fort Worth where our youngest daughter lives. I just checked the weather there and it is raining and scheduled to rain all weekend. Whoopie!!!

ATTITUDE CHECK: Well, now I am better. I love my family. I love Fort Worth. I love being together. I love being together with family and friends in Fort Worth even in the rain. Yea! I hope each of you my friends have a wonderful (dry) July 4th weekend.


kam said...

Have a great 4th of July Corzine family... Kameron

ron said...

same to you guys.