July 1, 2010


For the past several months Preacher's Wife and I have been simplifying our lives. We downsized our home, sold my motorcycle as well as a couple of RV's that we were not making the most use of. Now we are settled into our new little home and I realized while I was making our life more simple I was making my social network world more complicated. I consolidated all my blogs, personal, travels and ministry to one website RonCorzine.Com. This would be very simple for me, but not for my few followers who were only interested in Preacher's Wife and my daily antics. So we are bringing www.sonofapreacher.com back to this format. Enjoy! Hope you bookmark or make this a favorite.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you changed it back, Pastor Ron. I'm simplifying my life today....I'm on the couch with my laptop! lol

ron corzine said...

Thanks, There is nothing quite like SIMPLE.