August 28, 2009

Almost finished...

My son-in-law Michael flew in from Denver to spend a few days, so He helped me with the project. I like doing a few more things but we are 90% finished. It was super hot outside in the direct afternoon sun but the tile guys worked through it and did a great job. I've got to go for a few days now but will return soon to finish.

August 24, 2009

Always looking for something to do...

Preacher's Wife would tell you I'm a nightmare to live with if you just want to leave things the way they are. She says when I am at home resting and relaxing I'm always looking for some kind of change or addition to make, usually to the house. We had last week off so after studying and organizing our fall schedule I sat down on the porch for a minute or two to rest, and another project was birthed. We started Friday having the porch tiled, and the outdoor furniture cleaned and painted. We did this thinking that in December it might be cool enough to sit outside and enjoy. It doesn't seem feasible that we will be sitting outside in the near future. It looks like another week in the 100's.

August 22, 2009

Musicians in the Making...

I just got a link to YouTube of our granddaughter Lauren singing the Taylor Swift song 'Hey Stephen'. Her dad has been working with her and her sister Lenzy. I believe with his diligence and their disicipline and hard work he will have him two musicians before it is over.

August 20, 2009

9 months old

I am amazed at how time flies. It seems like just a few days ago Preacher's Wife and I were in Fort Worth waiting for the birth of Marlie and Andrew's firstborn. Today he is 9 months old. Logan, I can hardly believe you are nine months old. You are one handsome dude. I will see you next weekend.
Love you, Poppy

August 19, 2009

Guilt Trip International

Someone told me in jest that their mother was a booking agent for Guilt Trip International. Maybe it wasn't in jest. It seems like there are those who enjoy sending others on guilt trips while others seem to enjoy going on guilt trips. I heard someone recently on a soap box preaching about how life is precious and time is valuable and how we should feel guilty for wasting our time. I will agree with THE BOOK that life is short and it's like a vapor that appears for a short time then vanishes. I also agree that time is a valuable commodity. But I think many instead of using every moment to live and enjoy life (God, family, friends, work, and recreation) waste time by living with guilt, shame and condemnation. They sit around and beat themselves up for not being a better person and doing more. It's not enough that some feel bad about it but they want everybody else to feel bad as well. I heard all this as I was evaluating the time I spend blogging. I was looking back over the past four years, the 437 post, and the 41,205 visitors that have visited my site. I was thinking maybe I could have spent or invested my time in much better ways. After thinking about it for 10 seconds I decided for me this has not been a waste, nor has it necessairly been life-changing for anyone. It has been less time than I would have spent in therapy. It has been for me a way to journal, to let off steam and get rid of stress. I already feel better just posting this.

August 11, 2009

Gone Fishing

Since Monday was our day of rest, Pastor Barry and I while in Guatemala decided that we would go deep sea fishing. We heard that the Pacific Coast of Guatemala is the "Sailfishing Capital of the World," and has the largest concentration of Sailfish anywhere on the planet . It is well known as a fisherman's paradise. Even though the season for the best Sailfishing was already past we still wanted the experience. It was a great and profitable trip. I caught my first Sailfish, Barry caught a Wahoo, and we each caught some nice Dolphin fish. We gave the fish to the orphanage but kept out a couple of filets for the chef at our hotel to prepare a nice fish dinner for us and our wives. What can I say other than it was a great day from beginning to end.

August 7, 2009

Antigua, Guatemala

Preacher's Wife and I leave tomorrow for Guatemala City, Guatemala. The church we founded in Harlingen have been working with missionaries and supporting an orphanage in Antigua outside Guatemala City for several years now. I am long overdue for visiting the orphanage and seeing the good work that is being done there. We will be traveling with Barry and Susan Jackson who pastor Christian Fellowship Church in Harlingen. I am not sure we will be able to post pictures and give an update of our trip while we're there. You may want to check back the first of next week. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

August 3, 2009

AGE: Admit vs Act

You would think at my age I would know better than to comment on Facebook about people (primarily women) refusing to give their birth year. I always thought age represented various and numerous rich life experiences as well as wisdom to share. I do know the media has been used to effect our culture, telling everyone they would look and feel better and be more accepted if they were young, attractive and thin. I do understand the need to be healthy and feel better, but I am not sure how refusing to give my age has anything to do with that. Look, I am all for looking nice, feeling better, and being healthier, but come on, age is only a number. It's a number to be proud of if we have matured. In fact acceptance is something one needs to believe and receive for themselves not based on looks, size or feelings. So let's put the birth year issue behind us. The good news is that you are accepted by God on the basis of his love and grace, and not your size and face. The older and more mature one gets, the more secure they should become in this fact. And this is wisdom.