July 28, 2009


This past weekend our two daughters were home. Amy came from Denver with her daughter Chloe, and Marlie from Ft. Worth with Logan. They all rendezvoused here in San Antonio. Marlie and her husband went off camping with friends and Logan was entertained and waited on hand and foot by his aunt Amy, cousin Chloe and nonny. On Saturday evening they took Logan to church at Uncle Rick's place and thought he would enjoy a ride on the big beautiful carousel that sits in the foyer of the church. Logan was unimpressed. I have this feeling that he had rather be camping or hunting or anywhere outdoors. I guess time will tell.

July 22, 2009

Meet Miss Kindle

Some hate her and others love her... But as for me, I feel a deep affection for her. Most everyone knows I love and will try any new technological gadget that comes along. Well, this week I broke down and bought the new Amazon Kindle 2. Before you criticize her you need to read about her and maybe find a friend who has one and try her out (mine is busy now). Especially if you are a big time reader.

Even though I love new gadgets I was not turned on by her at first. That was until I saw, and handled her. I will agree that her up front cost is steep. But since I read a couple of books a week and Preacher's Wife is always making me carry a box or two of books to the used book store she is going to work for me. In the long run I will save money, the forest, and Preacher's Wife will be happy with me. Trust me that is the most important thing. These days Miss Kindle serves me by carrying at least 3 or 4 books, plus my sermon notes and 3 translations of the Bible. She has the capacity to carry up to 1500 books, plus daily newspapers, periodicals and some background music. So you can see my briefcase is much lighter. Miss Kindle and I are going away to Houston this weekend while Preacher's Wife stays home and babysits grandchildren.

July 20, 2009

What A Great Weekend...

This past weekend was very enjoyable. It was full of activity and travel but still a blast. It was Preacher's Wife's birthday but we were able to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. She had a girlfriends outing and I needed to be in McAllen on Sunday morning at the church our son and daugher-in-law pastor. Therefore, we went our separate ways for a few hours. We were able to rendezvous before the special day was over.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself on my brief trip to the Valley. I was able to see and have dinner with my two granddaughters Lauren and Lenzy, and their dad Saturday evening. Then on Sunday morning I was pleased to see that Lauren had been added to the worship team. She is a young upcoming musician like her dad was years ago. I am proud of all of my grandchildren and the different stages they are in, but was somewhat blown away by Lauren's maturity and musical talent. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but when you only see them four or five times a year they can really grow up fast. Lenzy, Lauren's little sister is the dancer, I hope I am there soon when she is performing. Lauren my hat is off to you today. I believe your future is bright and that God has some special plans for you.
Love both you girls,

July 17, 2009

The Roaring Fork Experience...

Preacher's Wife and I, along with a good friend from the UK, decided to eat last evening at a place here in San Antonio called the Roaring Fork. I think presently they are located only in Scottsdale, Arizona, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. Anyway, it is always a great dining experience for me. They have a beautiful outdoor deck which I usually enjoy, but since the temperature was over 100 degrees again yesterday we decided to dine indoors. The menu, the speciality drinks, and of course the service is over the top. Our friend from the UK commented that he believed that the good old USA has the best service of anyplace in the world. I agreed based on my somewhat limited travel. Everyone knows that Texans claim everything as the biggest and best, and we know that Texans can be a little earthy and at times down right nasty. Therefore, if you think along those lines you would be pleased to know they have the biggest and best hamburger of anyplace. It's simply called the "Big Ass Burger. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Since my a_ _ is already too big I decided last night on one of their top notch salads. We talked and laughed,and caught up on old times. I can hardly wait for my next visit to the Roaring Fork. If you are in one of these cities you might want to give them a try.

July 14, 2009

Sorry, but I got lost...

I have been looking for days for my way out of this maze. I just got out, so I can begin to blog again. I am sure you have missed me. These last few months have been busy and they have kept me on the run. But more than just busy, they have been productive days. I learned a few years back that all busyness is not productive. I am excited about the days in which we are living. Like many of you I listen to the media tell me how bad things are, but unlike many I do not buy into their negative report. I could. I just don't. You may be going through a difficult time with your family, your finances, your health or your job. Can I encourage you to trust God. He really is bigger than all our troubles. Sorry for the short preach. But I am the sonofapreacher.

July 7, 2009

Getting a good start in life...

As most of you know we spent last week in Fort Worth. In an earlier post we stated we were visiting our youngest daughter Marlie and our son-in-law Andrew for the weekend of July 4th. But really we went to see Logan. So in the future when I say we were in Fort Worth it means we went to see Logan. OK. I thought it was important while I was with him to introduce him to a few things that will move him in the right direction for a good life. That would be an i-phone, a Mac computer, Starbucks coffee and a Ford truck. I was forbidden to give him coffee at this time in his life but I at least sat it on the table for him to see. Regardless what you think of any of these products I am his Poppy and I know best about these things. I will need to work on his parents more concerning the right computer selection. Like so many they seem to be addicted to crashes and right clicking. I am sure they will come around. Anyway, for Logan's sake I hope so.

July 2, 2009

Fireworks in Fort Worth...

Preacher's Wife and I are in Fort Worth spending the fourth of July weekend with our youngest daughter and her family. They just moved from Keller to Fort Worth so we decided to go and put some of my old electrical skills to good use. The story behind the story is that Nonny wanted to see her youngest grandson. She loves all her grandchildren but she is particularly found of babies. This is somewhat confusing to me because she calls me a big baby and then gives little attention to my needs. I guess I might as well try and grow up since the other is not working. Thought you might be interested in a picture Logan.