April 27, 2009

I decided to start tweeting.

You did what? You heard me! I signed up at Twitter so I could start tweeting. What is a few tweets here and there going to hurt. Anyone who reads this blog knows I am not consumed by blogging. I must admit, I am intrigued by new technology. The next time I will buy a new Apple product is the day it is released. You may not be willing to admit them, but the truth is, we all have our eccentricies. Trust me you have at least one and maybe two. One of mine just happens to be enjoying the use of any new means of communication like blogging or tweeting. I do wish they would give these things a different name though. So for all you tweeters you can check me at Twitter.

April 20, 2009

So now you know...

I have been scolded for not blogging last week. Here is the story behind my absence. I have been sick and in the process of recuperating. Nothing major, but I came home from London worn out. I really needed to take a break after London believe it or not, but I kept moving. Then I got sick and haven't felt like blogging. Preacher's Wife for years has been on my case about how big of a baby I am when I'm sick. So I determined to say nothing during this time. She has previously referred to me as different members of the Lott family. She first called me Mr. Noah Lott. She said she was amazed at how I knew so much about my sickness; what I did and didn't need, since I had no medical training. Then she called me Ms. Mona Lott. She said in all her days of nursing she had never heard anyone moan as much as me. So I thought I would show her by saying nothing about how I felt during the past week. I am happy to report that I am thankful for my two dogs (man's best friend) Bo and Jake. They faithfully laid on the foot of the bed and would occasionally lick my hand and check on me. Thanks guys.

April 8, 2009

It's sure quiet around here...

Well I thought I would add a little testosterone to the blog for a change. The girls left yesterday for home and we are all alone. We had such a wonderful time with them, but I am sure they are happy to be home with family and friends. It is so quiet around here. Preacher's Wife hardly ever says a word, so the only noise is me grumbling about jet-lag. This weekend we will be going to Ft. Worth to spend Easter with Andrew, Marlie and Logan. Nonny as she is known, will get her fix for the youngest grandchild. I hope each of you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

April 7, 2009

Who knew? A 24 Hour McDonalds

We arrived home yesterday evening at 6:00 p.m. We fulfilled one of our food desires by having a 'BIG O' Whataburger. Of course the other two desires will be fulfilled today. They are Pizza and Mexican food. After eating the girls staggered off to bed totally worn to a frazzle. They were asleep by 8:30. Well I wasn't far behind them but I knew what was coming next. Yep, at 2:00 a.m. they were wide awake laughing and giggling upstairs. It is called jet-lag. Finally at 4:30 a.m. Preacher's Wife suggested I take them to a nearby McDonald's drive-through. Who knew? A 24 hour McDonalds. This was a first for me. It's what being a grandpa is all about.

April 4, 2009

It's almost time to say goodbye...

Lauren: This week has been great! I can't believe it's almost over!!! Thursday we hung out in London and went on the "London Eye." When I first walked up I was a little freaked out, but I enjoyed the ride. Later on we got to walk in "Westminster Abbey", I could not believe how much history is there. It's definitely breathtaking. My grandmother took us shopping in "Harrods". Though I can't afford anything in the store, It's still fun to look. That night, Poppy met us at the "Adelphi" theater and all of us saw "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" It was so fantastic, that the songs are still stuck in my head. Friday My cousin and I visited the "Windsor Castle" and roamed around, that was loads of fun.
Lauren AshleyChloe: "HI!!! Sadly our trip is about to end and we will have to leave this beautiful land, but on the bright side I will get to enjoy one of my favorite things. Yes, it is the plane ride. Only ten hours in the air and we will be home with our family and friends the people we love and care about. As my cousin said, Thursday we visited Harrods and while there Lauren and I devoured a huge all chocolate sundae. Then we went to see Joseph and the "Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". I loved it. Well, that's about it. Ciao!!!!"We enjoyed seeing London together.

April 2, 2009

We're having so much fun here...

I am having a great time. This is so much fun. I enjoyed our first day seeing London on the big red double decker bus. I was just getting ready to take my first picture of “BIG BEN” when I pressed the button on my camera and it was dead.
I hate it when that happens. Then I realized the charger mom packed was left at Nonny’s when we repacked. So I will have to get Poppy to give me the pictures he takes. I really loved staying in the castle it was a wonderful surprise.
I am sorry to say that I missed my brother Titus' 11th birthday, but I will make it up to him by bringing him a present from London. Well, I got to go and experience more of this place. Later!

Hey guys, Lauren here! I am having an awesome, beyond awesome time in England. Monday we hit London and got to ride around in a double decker bus. My cousin and I were able to see "The Crown Jewels" and "Harrods." Being on the double decker bus we got to see the whole city, but didn't actually get to go inside everything. The next day, our grandparents surprised us with a night in a castle. We had traditional English tea and a fancy dinner. Chloe and I tried a-lot of new things. Tomorrow we'll head back to London, and go to "London Eye" and what I've been longing to see "Westminister Abbey!" I'm so excited!
Cherry-o for now!

April 1, 2009

Left Behind...

This has been Nonny and Poppy's view of London since we arrived. I was almost sure when we left home we could keep up with the girls, but after being here several days we give up. I am still waiting on the girls to slow down and quite laughing long enough to write and post some pictures. It looks like I may have to keep you the parents posted with events and pictures. Weeks before we left home we promised the girls a surprise when we arrived in England. It would be something that few Americans had ever done. Well today we just returned from giving them their surprise. Somebody will post about it later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned....