February 23, 2009

Thirteen years ago...

It was thirteen years ago that I held our first two granddaughters in my arms. They were scheduled to be born three days apart, but Chloe decided to be a preemie. Therefore, they are seven weeks apart. When they were both six years old for some strange reason I told them that when they were thirteen Nonny and I would take them to London. Talk about scary! Last year they reminded me that they would be thirteen in Jan/Feb 2009. Always desiring to be a man of my word we are now scheduled to leave next month for ten days in London. I am already tired and we haven't even left yet. But I am sure Preacher's Wife will whip me into shape and keep me moving forward.

February 16, 2009

What a pair...

I just downloaded some pictures from Marlie and Logan's trip to San Antonio. I couldn't resist posting this one. Parenting is an awesome thing but there is nothing quite like being a grandparent. I was reminded when you are small the stripes can go around.

February 13, 2009

A beautiful late evening at the home place.

The weather has been beautiful here in San Antonio this last week with the exception of a couple of late evening showers which we badly needed. I know it's just February, but I am eagerly waiting for consistent spring weather so Preacher's Wife and I can hook up our Airstream and go on our first 2009 camping excursion. Until that happens we will have to settle for cooking out and sitting on the back porch here at the home place in San Antonio. I leave today for Paris (Texas that is) and will return late Sunday evening. I am still waiting for something eventful to write about. Maybe it will be on this trip.

February 6, 2009

They're all special...

I actually enjoy blogging. Of course for me blogging is about doing it when you have the time or you are in the mood. But it can become a difficult task. For example, the few people who regularly read my blog seem to think I never blog enough. And since I blog a lot about Preacher's Wife it is difficult because she is a saint and her life is lived on such an even keel. Then there are the grandchildren, but I never seem to be able to balance out which one has got the least or most blog time. They are all so special. Today I found an old picture of them all except for the youngest one. They grow up so fast. It seemed like just a year ago I told the two oldest girls Chloe and Lauren that Nonny and I would take them to London when they were thirteen. They were actually six when I told them and now it is almost time to leave for London. The others will get their turn to go somewhere. I am not sure the fair sheriff will take them all to London but SOMEWHERE. I must stop this rambling and go to work. Let's see...have I forgot anything? Yes, I must post a small picture of the little one who was not present when we took the backyard photo.

February 2, 2009

Lauren's Debut

Our granddaughter Lauren will turn 13 this February 17th. Of course all of our grandchildren are unique and special, but Lauren from day one has never had a low self-esteem problem. She's confident and outgoing, she believes in herself and that she can do just about anything she puts her mind to. Six months ago Lauren decided she wanted to play the guitar and sing. She said she was inspired by her dad who was self taught to play at the age of 16, and now is an accomplished guitarist. After just 6 months Lauren had her debut at a classy local coffee shop in McAllen. She sent me the Youtube video link. I only wish the lighting and sound could have been better but she is on her way. I will be here faithfully cheering her on and adding new post from time to time. Lauren said her favorite singing group was the Jonas Brothers. Why am I not surprised. She is playing but singing along with SWEET CHILD O'MINE.