August 19, 2009

Guilt Trip International

Someone told me in jest that their mother was a booking agent for Guilt Trip International. Maybe it wasn't in jest. It seems like there are those who enjoy sending others on guilt trips while others seem to enjoy going on guilt trips. I heard someone recently on a soap box preaching about how life is precious and time is valuable and how we should feel guilty for wasting our time. I will agree with THE BOOK that life is short and it's like a vapor that appears for a short time then vanishes. I also agree that time is a valuable commodity. But I think many instead of using every moment to live and enjoy life (God, family, friends, work, and recreation) waste time by living with guilt, shame and condemnation. They sit around and beat themselves up for not being a better person and doing more. It's not enough that some feel bad about it but they want everybody else to feel bad as well. I heard all this as I was evaluating the time I spend blogging. I was looking back over the past four years, the 437 post, and the 41,205 visitors that have visited my site. I was thinking maybe I could have spent or invested my time in much better ways. After thinking about it for 10 seconds I decided for me this has not been a waste, nor has it necessairly been life-changing for anyone. It has been less time than I would have spent in therapy. It has been for me a way to journal, to let off steam and get rid of stress. I already feel better just posting this.


Anonymous said...

I love this. It is so good and true. Your post have been great for me and I truly enjoy them. keep it up. live life to the full. each moment is a gift. love you Connie

Sarah said...

Life is much more enjoyable without all the guilt trips! Love you and Anne!