August 11, 2009

Gone Fishing

Since Monday was our day of rest, Pastor Barry and I while in Guatemala decided that we would go deep sea fishing. We heard that the Pacific Coast of Guatemala is the "Sailfishing Capital of the World," and has the largest concentration of Sailfish anywhere on the planet . It is well known as a fisherman's paradise. Even though the season for the best Sailfishing was already past we still wanted the experience. It was a great and profitable trip. I caught my first Sailfish, Barry caught a Wahoo, and we each caught some nice Dolphin fish. We gave the fish to the orphanage but kept out a couple of filets for the chef at our hotel to prepare a nice fish dinner for us and our wives. What can I say other than it was a great day from beginning to end.


The Thomas' said...

Yay you! That is so exciting!

Tim Roberts said...


KameronL said...

very cool experience... Kameron