July 22, 2009

Meet Miss Kindle

Some hate her and others love her... But as for me, I feel a deep affection for her. Most everyone knows I love and will try any new technological gadget that comes along. Well, this week I broke down and bought the new Amazon Kindle 2. Before you criticize her you need to read about her and maybe find a friend who has one and try her out (mine is busy now). Especially if you are a big time reader.

Even though I love new gadgets I was not turned on by her at first. That was until I saw, and handled her. I will agree that her up front cost is steep. But since I read a couple of books a week and Preacher's Wife is always making me carry a box or two of books to the used book store she is going to work for me. In the long run I will save money, the forest, and Preacher's Wife will be happy with me. Trust me that is the most important thing. These days Miss Kindle serves me by carrying at least 3 or 4 books, plus my sermon notes and 3 translations of the Bible. She has the capacity to carry up to 1500 books, plus daily newspapers, periodicals and some background music. So you can see my briefcase is much lighter. Miss Kindle and I are going away to Houston this weekend while Preacher's Wife stays home and babysits grandchildren.

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Cindy Marshall said...

You have piqued my curiosity. Request a demo sometime.