June 15, 2009

Sitka to Sea

Today Sitka is our last city before getting off the ship in Anchorage. We just returned from our last wildlife excursion. We saw bald eagles, otters and brown bears, as well as humpback and grey whales. The naturalist said it was a good day of sightseeing as only one in five tours get to see bears or grey whales. We we fortunate. Tomorrow we have a whole day at sea then arrive Wednesday morning in Anchorage. We will spend the day in Anchorage on our own sightseeing before we catch a plane Wednesday evening home for San Antonio. I will get home and organize my pictures then post a website for viewing them all. The internet is 40 cents a minute so I have rationed my time. Of all my travels this is one of the tops and the best.


Anonymous said...

Knew you would put this trip as your favorite! Renews one, doesn't it? God Bless America. Look forward to your pictures! You were fortunate to see so much wildlife. We did our trip the other way around - flew into Fairbanks first for a week on land and then to the ship in Anchorage.

SamiG said...

So pretty. Glad you guys had a wonderful time.