June 30, 2009

Random thoughts in my journey...

For the last couple of years I have enjoyed blogging here at www.sonofapreacher.com. I enjoy writing about the funny things that happen in my life. I also like to keep family and friends who are interested, informed about what is going on with Preacher's Wife and me in our travel. Lately, I have devoted a little more time to the ministry website www.cficonnection.com. I've felt recently like I wanted to share more of my life and ministry experiences as well as thoughts and different perspectives at this stage in my life. Therefore, I would invite you to bookmark CFI Connection. I will post there from time to time random thoughts in my journey. The most recent thought had to do with "Commitment Being Overrated". You can also follow me at Twitter Ron Corzine I will keep you posted there when a new random thought hits me.

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