April 2, 2009

We're having so much fun here...

I am having a great time. This is so much fun. I enjoyed our first day seeing London on the big red double decker bus. I was just getting ready to take my first picture of “BIG BEN” when I pressed the button on my camera and it was dead.
I hate it when that happens. Then I realized the charger mom packed was left at Nonny’s when we repacked. So I will have to get Poppy to give me the pictures he takes. I really loved staying in the castle it was a wonderful surprise.
I am sorry to say that I missed my brother Titus' 11th birthday, but I will make it up to him by bringing him a present from London. Well, I got to go and experience more of this place. Later!

Hey guys, Lauren here! I am having an awesome, beyond awesome time in England. Monday we hit London and got to ride around in a double decker bus. My cousin and I were able to see "The Crown Jewels" and "Harrods." Being on the double decker bus we got to see the whole city, but didn't actually get to go inside everything. The next day, our grandparents surprised us with a night in a castle. We had traditional English tea and a fancy dinner. Chloe and I tried a-lot of new things. Tomorrow we'll head back to London, and go to "London Eye" and what I've been longing to see "Westminister Abbey!" I'm so excited!
Cherry-o for now!


Anonymous said...

Loved reading your take on things, girls! You are the envy of all right now. Enjoy the rest of this amazing trip! Love you, sweet girls!- Trish

Michael said...

Your living the dream ladies!