March 28, 2009

My what a big plane...

After a long 7 and 1/2 flight we arrived safely Friday night at 10:30 pm London time. The first thing we did was reset our watches because we had just lost 6 hours. It was past my bedtime but the girls were just getting wound up. After gathering our bags we arrived at the home where we would stay around 11:45 pm. I had one thing and only one thing on my mind. BED! Goodnight everyone. Goodnight Poppy! I was informed that the girls fell asleep sometime in the early morning. Today we have unpacked and the girls and Nonny have gone to the mall. Tomorrow we will go to church and chill one more day before we hit the ground running seeing all the sights.

March 26, 2009

All grown up and somewhere to go...

Lauren arrived yesterday morning from McAllen and Chloe arrived late last night from Denver. Needless to say they were excited to see one another. I am not sure what time they actually went to sleep. I heard a lot of noise upstairs for the first 30 seconds after I laid down. Everyone is up and the final repacking is being done. We will leave for the airport at 12:30pm and fly to Chicago today. We spend the night there and fly out to London in the morning. Once we arrive in London and snap a few pictures they will begin to write. Now this note to the moms and dads. Nonny and I can actually watch over and care for these precious girls. We have experience and we think we did a pretty good job. Guess which girl is from Denver.

March 25, 2009

The girls arrive today...

The girls arrive today and are we ever excited to see them. Chloe will fly in from Denver and Lauren from McAllen. Preacher's Wife better known as Nonny will pick them up at the airport. They will work on repacking their bags in preparation for leaving tomorrow. Of course the reason for repacking is so we don't have 13 pieces of luggage. You may know what its like to have teenage girls. I thought I would post a few more pictures of the two of them when they were very young. We will keep you posted with plenty of pictures of our trip and time in London. Along with their personal post I will post from time to time to tell you how it is going from my grandfather perspective.

March 24, 2009

London Bound

As I stated a few post back, it was thirteen years ago when our two oldest granddaughters Chloe and Lauren were born. They were scheduled to be born three days apart, but Chloe decided to be a preemie. Therefore,they are seven weeks apart. When they were both six years old for some strange reason I told them that when they were thirteen Nonny and I would take them to London. Well, the time has come and we will be off and running soon. We leave for Chicago Thursday then on to London on Friday. We will be gone for 12 wonderful days. I say that now but I may change my tune after trying to stay up with them. The next couple of days I will blog about them and then I will turn the blog over to them to post their thoughts and pictures while we are there. Stay tuned for a couple of exciting weeks.

March 16, 2009


Last week I posted on Facebook that I was willing to pay a $50.00 finder's fee to the person who could come up with the best name for my 19' Safari Bambi Airstream. I really got some good ones. A couple I can't mention without going into a lot of explanation. Over 100 suggested names came in so I selected the winner today. The winner is Preacher's Wife who came up with the name "Alumination". I knew this was it the minute she said it. You might think this is nepotism but it's not. It's wisdom! She cleans, cooks, washes my clothes and you figure out the rest. But actually I do like it the best. You will even have to admit it's pretty cool. To show you there is no nepotism involved I am giving the money to the person who submitted the most names. The winner of the $50.00 is Bryan Maxwell from Harlingen, Texas. Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope this was fun. Preacher's Wife you are a genius. I love you. Thanks.

March 11, 2009


A couple of days ago my son and I walked into a local title company to take care of some business. We presented ourselves and were told to take a seat and that someone would be with us shortly. I noticed the receptionist, almost young enough to be my granddaughter keep looking in our direction. Finally it was like she couldn't hold it in anymore, she said, "I was informed that the younger Mr. Corzine would be coming in today with his father. Surely she said you are not his father?" Of course I was a bit taken back but I knew she was on to something others obviously have not been able to pick up on. I politely thanked her and replied that I was the proud young father of this very young man. When I told my wife about this incident she looked at me as only she can and said, you're both delusional. Well, I am back to reality today and feeling my oats and acting and feeling much younger than my age. ONLY affirming comments are welcome.

March 2, 2009

I couldn't help myself...

As soon as I saw my grandson Logan in his cool hat I had to run out and get me one. I think the phrase is, 'monkey see monkey do.' Anyway, I am now ready for my London trip, hat and all.

The Little Man...

The little man is rapidly becoming the big man. If this isn't cool I don't know what is. It made me want to go find a hat like his. In fact I am headed out the door right now.