February 2, 2009

Lauren's Debut

Our granddaughter Lauren will turn 13 this February 17th. Of course all of our grandchildren are unique and special, but Lauren from day one has never had a low self-esteem problem. She's confident and outgoing, she believes in herself and that she can do just about anything she puts her mind to. Six months ago Lauren decided she wanted to play the guitar and sing. She said she was inspired by her dad who was self taught to play at the age of 16, and now is an accomplished guitarist. After just 6 months Lauren had her debut at a classy local coffee shop in McAllen. She sent me the Youtube video link. I only wish the lighting and sound could have been better but she is on her way. I will be here faithfully cheering her on and adding new post from time to time. Lauren said her favorite singing group was the Jonas Brothers. Why am I not surprised. She is playing but singing along with SWEET CHILD O'MINE.


Anonymous said...

Best blog ever! ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget your favorite aunt when you make it big!
- you know who I am

Pat Keltner said...

It's in her blood. She's a natural!

Anonymous said...

Lauren is awesome! I'm really proud of all the work she put into this. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing better on youtube. The etrade baby is a close second.
Son of the Son of a Preacher