February 6, 2009

They're all special...

I actually enjoy blogging. Of course for me blogging is about doing it when you have the time or you are in the mood. But it can become a difficult task. For example, the few people who regularly read my blog seem to think I never blog enough. And since I blog a lot about Preacher's Wife it is difficult because she is a saint and her life is lived on such an even keel. Then there are the grandchildren, but I never seem to be able to balance out which one has got the least or most blog time. They are all so special. Today I found an old picture of them all except for the youngest one. They grow up so fast. It seemed like just a year ago I told the two oldest girls Chloe and Lauren that Nonny and I would take them to London when they were thirteen. They were actually six when I told them and now it is almost time to leave for London. The others will get their turn to go somewhere. I am not sure the fair sheriff will take them all to London but SOMEWHERE. I must stop this rambling and go to work. Let's see...have I forgot anything? Yes, I must post a small picture of the little one who was not present when we took the backyard photo.

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Anonymous said...

The second in line on the tree is excited about flying up next week to see a play at the awesome "Majestic Theater"!
-son of a son of a preacher's family