February 13, 2009

A beautiful late evening at the home place.

The weather has been beautiful here in San Antonio this last week with the exception of a couple of late evening showers which we badly needed. I know it's just February, but I am eagerly waiting for consistent spring weather so Preacher's Wife and I can hook up our Airstream and go on our first 2009 camping excursion. Until that happens we will have to settle for cooking out and sitting on the back porch here at the home place in San Antonio. I leave today for Paris (Texas that is) and will return late Sunday evening. I am still waiting for something eventful to write about. Maybe it will be on this trip.

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Amy Cheshire said...

I can't wait to visit and sit on the back porch with a gin and tonic and talk about "disfunctional families" like ours. Hahaha.