January 3, 2009

If Only You Would...

Why Can’t You Forgive Yourself? If only you would learn how to forgive yourself your life would be different. So many people allow their past or present sins, failures, performance or lack thereof, to keep them from reaching their full potential as well as enjoying life. In your life journey you will struggle and even fail in certain areas. Many rather than receive forgiveness will fall into what is called the Guilt-Trip. Do you guilt-trip over your past? In the scripture God says, your sins will I remember no more. Does this mean God is forgetful? No, He chooses not to remember your sins and failures or hold them against you. When you choose otherwise you question His forgiveness, declare your standards to be higher than His, allow the enemy to bring you into condemnation, and forfeit the confidence needed to pray for and receive what God has for you.

When you rehearse your past failures you not only keep them alive, you empower them. What you keep on deposit you’re more likely to withdraw and act on in the hour of weakness. Only by forgiving yourself, and others, can you truly break the hold the past has over you and be able to get on with your life.

Shame and condemnation is not a blessing. Shame and condemnation is a weight Jesus carried for you on the cross. Set it down and walk away. You have the right to do that because God promises as far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our sins from us. Any time the enemy brings up your past it’s because he fears your future, or he wants to rob you of God’s best. What should you do? Point him to the cross, where you were forgiven past, present and future sins, and refuse to discuss it further --- then keep moving forward. I did it! I do it! And it works!

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