July 23, 2008

Recupurating in San Antonio

My friend Tim arrived from England on schedule a week ago Tuesday. We have been on the road for a week, therefore, I have been unable to blog until now. We began by heading south to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We missed Dolly by a week (though the people there now are in our prayers). While there we dropped across the border into Mexico for supper then back to McAllen to spend Wednesday night. On Thursday morning we headed back to the Hill Country of Texas north of San Antonio to spend some time in the Guadalupe State Park. Our journey then led us north to Dallas, then east to Longview, then back to San Antonio on Sunday evening. You guessed it. I am a little tired but it was a wonderful trip. Nothing quite like a good steak cooked outdoors enjoyed with a fine chilled red wine. Of course in the Texas heat this is better enjoyed indoors.

July 14, 2008

Home Again, Gone Again

Preacher's Wife and I returned home late Friday evening from London after missing our non-stop from Chicago to San Antonio. I will never know how American Airlines knew we wanted to go through St. Louis, but they did!
We had out of town guest for the weekend so we have been busy having a good time entertaining our friends. It looks like by tomorrow I will be over my jet-lag and back to sleeping in until 4 a.m. Wow! I can hardly wait.
I will spend today getting ready to leave tomorrow. I have another guest arriving from London that will travel the back roads of Texas with me this week as I check on churches. You need not be concerned about Preacher's Wife she is staying at home a whole week without going anywhere but Wal-Mart. Now you know what we've done the last two days.

July 9, 2008

Leeds Castle

We just returned from a wet day of sightseeing. We had a wonderful time. I think we have visited England now close to 25 times but had never seen the well known Leeds Castle until today. Though it took a little persuading to get me to spend the day in the rain I am glad now I gave in. You will notice by just the few pictures below how beautiful it is. If you would like to see more pictures go to the link above and scroll down to galleries. Tomorrow is our last day of vacation. We will head home on Friday.

July 8, 2008

Enjoying England

Preacher's Wife and I are enjoying our vacation in London. We came to celebrate the birthday of a good friend. Since last Friday we have not stop celebrating. Last evening we did one of my favorite things. We drove through the countryside and then enjoyed a meal together with our friends at a local pub. There is nothing quite like eating in a small village pub. I love watching the people snicker at our Texas accent. It is like we are from another planet. Anyway, the food was good and the setting in which we ate could not have been better. Below is a picture of Anne and Gretel outside the Alford Arms. Tomorrow we go to Leeds Castle so I will some great pictures to post.

July 4, 2008

A Day Late and A Few Dollars Short

I am in good spirits even though our trip to London got off to a bad start. Preacher’s Wife and I, being on time kind of people, left for the airport at 4:15 pm Wednesday, even though our flight was not scheduled to leave unto 5:40 pm. We checked in quickly and made it to the gate with plenty of time to spare. It was there we were informed that our flight would not leave until 8 pm and arrive in Chicago at 10:30 pm. Of course that would be 35 minutes after our plane left for London. We finally arrived in Chicago at 11:00 pm and were told that since the delay was due to weather we would be responsible for our on sleeping accommodations. The good news was that they had confirmed us on the first flight out the next morning at 9:10 am. The bad news was that we would not see our luggage again until we arrived in London Thursday evening at 10:30 pm. OK we said; we could do without our luggage, no problem. Ready for some more good news; when we called around we discovered the best accommodations at that late hour were the Hilton O’Hare Airport and they had an available room. Wonderful! Of course the bad news was that it was $299.00 plus almost that much in taxes for the six-hour stay. We accepted it with great joy. By the time we checked in and showered it was almost 1 am. Preacher’s Wife immediately went to sleep. I rolled around in bed thinking about how nice the room was for $50.00 an hour. After about $35.00 worth of tossing and turning I finally went off to sleep. You might ask, “How do you feel about all this?” I feel great! I really do. Oh, for a short time I was put out. Then I began to remember the days we were not fortunate enough to fly, especially to London. I also remembered the days when traveling we either slept in our car at a roadside park or curled up on the floor in an airport. Yes, I must say I am thankful to be alive, healthy and on my way to London with the wife of my youth. Plus this whole experience gave me something to blog about.

July 1, 2008

July 4th in London

Preacher's Wife and I leave for London (our home away from home) this week for a ten day visit with our good friends Ron and Gretel Hibbert. Ron H is having another birthday, so we are going there to celebrate. I will not mention which number. I will say it is difficult for me to fully express the amount of pleasure it brings me each year that my very proud British friend who served not in just the Air Force, but the "Royal Air Force" was born on the 4th of July. See you soon my friend.

Also, let me add another reason we enjoy our second home just outside of London. I love my back yard in San Antonio and Gretel works hard to maintain their beautiful back yard. Though it is not spacious, it is meticiously maintained and so very beautiful. This is my most recent picture from our upstairs bedroom there.