May 28, 2008

Special and Chosen

Bo and Jake, our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, went to the Veterinarian today to get their annual shots. We were so proud when we were informed that Bo, our six year old was chosen to participate in a national clinical trial for the newest, FDA approved, doggie weight loss drug. The drug is called SLENTROL. SLENTROL is the first safe and effective weight-loss medication made specifically for obese dogs! I was so excited to hear that 337 other dog owners were surveyed and said that SLENTROL caused their dogs to get more out of life. I just wish I knew what to look for to see if Bo is getting more out of life. I know I am enjoying life but if the weight loss thing works I am going to apply.

May 24, 2008

Albuquerque In October

I know it's just the end of May but there is no place quite like Albuquerque in October, especially the 4th-12th. This is the time of the Annual International Balloon Fiesta. I can see it now, "A cool morning, a blue sky, a hot cup of Starbucks coffee, and the sound of gas jets filling hundreds and hundreds of hot air balloons." What an experience! I can hardly wait! Preacher's Wife and I have already made our plans to be there. I love the city of Albuquerque at that time of year. I am here now and I must say I love it especially today because of the low annual humidity. The heat index in San Antonio yesterday was 105 degrees. The only way to keep cool in that heat is lying naked in a pool that is under a shade tree. Thank God I was in Albuquerque and able to keep my clothes on.

May 22, 2008

Coming Soon To South Padre Island

Preacher's Wife and I are so blessed and thankful for our new but used purchase of the 1993 Excella 1000 34 foot airstream. Today we finished cleaning it inside and out. In a couple of weeks it is headed for South Padre Island to spend a month on the beach. Preacher's wife as you can see is quite good at making old things look new (sad that she can't do anything for me). You can see her upholstery job on the couch is great for $30.00 and four hours of work. To be honest I am feeling pretty good especially considering the small amount we paid for this 15 year old beauty.

May 13, 2008

San Antonio one of America's Recession-Proof Cities

Being a native Texan and living here all but five years of my life speaks for itself. I love Texas. I am sure I could learn to live and love other places but at this point there is no need to. San Antonio is the place for me. This was even before I read where San Antonio was second behind Oklahoma City as one of the top recession-proof cities in America. The article stated that San Antonio features solid employment figures and affordable home prices that continues to rise. Its industries are growing; plus it can't hurt that the new AT&T was formed when San Antonio-based SBC Communications swallowed the old AT&T Corp. and BellSouth. The truth is I would love it even if it wasn't recession-proof. Of course I live with the SAN ANTONIO ROSE not to mention rooting for the San Antonio Spurs. READ: America's Recession-Proof Cities

May 7, 2008

I am too young to have six grandchildren.

A few weeks ago I got the news that I was going to be a grandpa again. Our youngest daughter and our son-in-law decided it was time to have a baby. It has taken a couple of weeks for it to sink in and for me to now blog about it. I am not quite sure at this stage what to say. I am pleased and very happy but truthfully, I feel too young to be the grandfather of a sixth grandchild. Somehow it seems like a man should be 65 or 70 before this happens. Looking back I see now it happened this way because Preacher's Wife and I got married and started having children while we were still children ourselves.

May 2, 2008

Retirement Home...not quite

Even though I have no plans to ever retire, Preacher's Wife and I today bought another Airstream. It is a 1993 34 foot Excella 1000. It needs just a little minor TLC and it is ready to roll. Our children have assured us that we need to keep it on the road and in the beautiful state parks of Texas, because they don't want to tell their kids that they are going to visit Nonny and Poppy in a trailer park. Kids, what do they know...