January 30, 2008

My webmaster and my wife...

For you who know me well (especially my children), you will smile in agreement as you read this post. You see my webmaster and wife agree that I cannot leave well enough alone. I build a blog website or have a ministry website built and it is up and running and that should be the end of it. Right? WRONG! Here is my justification for not being able to leave well enough alone. I have this desire at my age to learn new things. I want to develop, change, and be able to manage my website. I am one of those rare, unique people who loves change and at this time in my life loves learning new things. So I make changes, and screw things up, and it cost me money, but I learn in the process and I am happy. Thanks for all your understanding.

January 18, 2008

Movie: The Bucket List

I almost didn't see this movie because of the movie critics. Then I said, "What the heck!" They're usually wrong for my taste anyway. I now am glad that I saw it.

I think that mostly the movie hits the target. It speaks about the inevitability of death (something most don't want to talk about today), the importance of getting your priorities right, and the fact that leaving your mark doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be missed when you're gone. We usually just hate talking about and dealing with these issues.

Having discoverd for myself the meaning of life I am now enjoying life to its fullest, at least the best I know how. You see when I was younger I either didn't have the money or thought I had plenty of time to see and do things I had dreamed about. Now I choose to just go for it. I saw a T-Shirt the other day that had written on the front, "Bite off more than you can chew and start chewing!"

Since I have decided to retire five years after I die I am determined to see and do more now than ever before.

January 17, 2008

Thank You Mr. Thompson

I was thinking again today about some people who have helped me in my life’s journey. I will never forget Mr. Thompson and all his involvement in my life.

It was Alex Haley, the author of Roots, who kept a picture in his office of a turtle sitting on top of a fence. He kept it there to remind him of a lesson he had learned many years before: “If you see a turtle sitting on a fence post, you know he had some help in getting there.”

Mr. Thompson was the Superntindent of Howe Independent School District for as long as I can remember. I have many wonderful memories of growing up in Howe, Texas and attending Howe Public Schools. To be quite honest, the memories are probably much better than the actual expereince. I am sure that has to do with age and maturity.

Howe is located 8 miles south of Sherman on Highway 75. I remember when the population was less than 1,000. My graduating class of 1968 only had 30 students. It was a very small school in a small Texas town.

His name was Charles Thompson. We called him Charlie behind his back and would have suffered greatly had we been caught. He was a very stoic man, but was considered a friend by all the students. Mr. Thompson believed in people and made a point of saying and doing things to remind them constantly that he really cared about them. He also taught Algerba. I remember being amazed when I first saw letters and numbers in the same equation. It was by the grace of the Lord and the mercy of Mr. Thompson that I ever made it through that class. I also remember the time when a few of us boys got in trouble on school time with the local merchants and he went to bat for us. He said we were good boys and thought we deserved another chance.

It is one thing to care about people, it is quite another thing to treat them like a son. My dad was a traveling preacher much of his life and was seldom home. Mom and we children attended the First Baptist Church, where Mr. Thompson was a deacon. I will never forget him asking me if I would go with him to a Father and Son event being sponsered by the church, because he knew my father would not be able to go. He made a difficult time in my life a little easier.

A few years ago, I visted him in the nursing home. I just felt like I needed to go out of my way and say ‘Thank You for all he had done for me.

Life today wouldn’t be the same without the many Mr. Thompsons in our lives. It might be good time to pause and think about someone who helped you along the way and say a prayer of gratitude for them.

January 15, 2008

Our weekend in Longview, Texas

Preacher's Wife and I enjoyed our visit to Longview this weekend. We were with our friends David and Pam Benson who pastor the Church at Grace Creek. As you may know Preacher's Wife was born in Longview a few years ago. So it was good to see the many changes in the city and to be with old friends. We are home just a few days then we are off again to Albuqueque N.M.

January 11, 2008

My weekend picks...

Most commentators pick teams to win based on much deeper and detailed information than me. I of course pick based on who I like and want to win. Please keep in mind if the teams I like are not your teams I will not remove you from my friendship list or say evil things about you. I will go with Green Bay over Seattle because my wife thinks Brett Favre is cute and he is from the South. I am normally for anyone who is playing New England. I usually pick the underdog and this year that is anyone who is playing them. I don't need to pick New England, this one has pretty much been pre-determined. I am pulling for the Chargers because of LT but they will have to be at their best and play an almost perfect game to get by the Colts. Yes, I want Dallas to win and believe they can but just as easily as they could win, they could also blow it. So it's Green Bay over Seattle, New England over Jacksonville, San Diego over Indianapolis and Dallas over the New York Giants.

January 6, 2008

Just for the record

Just for the record I pick Tampa Bay over the Giants. I guess the truth is I am always going to go with a team from the South. Maybe that is because I am a Texan through and through. Of course I will only go for a California team if one of the players I really like is from the South. So I take the Chargers because of LaDanian Tomlinson who was born in Rosebud, Texas, grew up in Waco and graduated from Texas Christian University. TCU is where Preacher's Wife and I spent most of our money from 1998-2002 educating our youngest daughter. So now you know WHY, as if you cared.

January 3, 2008

Early Morning New Year's Day

New Year's Day some friends and I got up early and headed for Lake LBJ at Marble Falls to drain the water from the boat engine because it was suppose to get below freezing. As most of you know I carry a camera with me just about all the time. On our way there I got this early morning shot which I thought was a nice one. I realize this is not an overly interesting post but I am trying to get back into the swing of writing. So until something amazing shows up I will just keep posting the daily or weekly happenings.