December 9, 2008


Let me begin by saying that being married 40 years doesn't make one an expert concerning marriage. It could just mean that two people have a high level of tolerance. Or maybe they've discovered it is cheaper to live together than apart. Preacher's Wife and I don't consider ourselves experts in this field. I have discovered what works in some marriages for health and longevity doesn't work for others. The reason being, each person and each couple are different. There are no pat answers to why some work and some don't. When I was younger I had all the answers but time and observing other marriages have so often proved me wrong. I do think there are some common threads that make for a good marriage. In the success of our marriage I contribute most of the credit to Preacher's Wife. If you know us well you will quickly agree. She has the characteristics of love as described in I Corinthians 13 working in her life. She is patient and she is kind. She is not rude, selfish, or easily angered. I believe the common threads of a good marriage are patience, trust, faithfulness, forgiveness, commitment and perseverance. Some of the things I love about Preacher's Wife is that she in independent while at the same time interdependent. She is not a clinger or a jealous person. She is soft spoken but she would never allow the children or me to walk all over her. She is generous with her time and resources. She has realistic expectations. She is spiritual but not religious. She is real, relational and down to earth. She is not easily offended or disappointed. By now you may be thinking I live with a saint. The truth is, she is a saint. The scripture says in the mouth of two witnesses every word is established. God says she is a saint and I agree with him. And that in itself make for a better marriage.


Threadhead said...

Yes, I always thought she was a saint... (-8 My love to both of you. I want you to know how great the newsletter was about the taxi driver. My mom just passed away after a few rough weeks. She was here at home in hospice and my care. She is with Jesus, so we don't mourn. As a matter of fact, Justin did the service and we all had a wonderful celebration of her life. God has put some wonderful people in my life (like the Bowens who opened their home for our family dinner). We are blessed. If you are interested, I put her Eulogy that Justin read on my blog. Of course he added lots more good stuff, Christy, Peter and Erin sang and many told favorite stories of Mom.
Love ya' lots,
Allen and Linda

The Texan said...

Bonus points for using the word "interdependent"! Only a true connoisseur of words would enjoy that!