December 8, 2008

And Now Page 2....

Of course you know I saw her again. And yes I saw her the same way I'd seen her that night. We dated for 6 months before we got married because neither of us wanted to rush into anything especially at our age (her now 16 and me 19). Both of our parents signed for us to get a marriage license and the date December 6th was chosen. We were on our way to a long and happy life together. Someone commented that they wanted more details but that is probably not going to happen. You see 40 years is a long time and the mind and memory can play a lot of tricks on you. I remember it though as a normal marriage. We had our faults, our disagreements, our ups and downs, and occasional brief spats. But nothing more than what I refer to as normal. The children and I laugh about being a dysfunctional family but by the things I have seen and heard we were pretty normal. Of course the children are free to comment from their perspective if they so desire. Other than to know that we are plenty human I am sure you don't want to hear about our spats but rather about what we attribute to staying together for 40 years. Since Preacher's Wife left me this morning for Ft. Worth I will have time to massage my memory and tell you from my perspective some of the things I believe helped us stay happily married this long.

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