November 18, 2008

Setting the record straight...

Preacher's Wife and I are taking a week off as we wait for the birth of our next grandchild. Our daughter Marlie and her husband Andrew are expecting the arrival of their son (Logan) this week. How times and expressions have changed over the years. I hear couples today say "we" are 12 weeks pregnant. I do understand what they mean but I've never been pregnant. I have been sick on some mornings. I pee often. Even now I have a nice belly and my friends will jokingly ask me my due date, but that doesn't mean I'm pregnant. I've had swollen ankles and wanted ice cream at midnight, but I've never been pregnant. As much as I would like to claim more credit for my three wonderful children I was never pregnant with them. Let me set the record son, two sons-in-law, nor I have ever been pregnant or ever will be. Our hats off to you ladies.

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