September 15, 2008


Preacher's Wife and I found it difficult to just sit and watch the news about our Texas family on the Gulf Coast who are in a state of devastation because of Hurricane Ike. We decided we could do more than pray, we could give money to help our sister church in Houston LRC who have many families and friends who are in dire need. There are so many worthy agencies that do a wonderful job during crisis like this, but we just wanted to make it personal since the scriptures say to do good to all and especially to those of the household of faith (Gal.6:10). We personally know the Pastor and the people there, and we have confidence they will put the money to good use in helping people. In fact, they are already helping many, but in every crisis resources soon come to end. If you would like to help please go to the link above (LRC) and on the right side of the website is a button that says DONATE. If you would rather do it through Preacher's Wife and me give me a call at 210-218-4173 or email me at Everyone doing something helps. It is so right to be generous. The scripture does say, " unto others as you would have them do unto you." Would you consider helping us help them.

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