July 23, 2008

Recupurating in San Antonio

My friend Tim arrived from England on schedule a week ago Tuesday. We have been on the road for a week, therefore, I have been unable to blog until now. We began by heading south to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We missed Dolly by a week (though the people there now are in our prayers). While there we dropped across the border into Mexico for supper then back to McAllen to spend Wednesday night. On Thursday morning we headed back to the Hill Country of Texas north of San Antonio to spend some time in the Guadalupe State Park. Our journey then led us north to Dallas, then east to Longview, then back to San Antonio on Sunday evening. You guessed it. I am a little tired but it was a wonderful trip. Nothing quite like a good steak cooked outdoors enjoyed with a fine chilled red wine. Of course in the Texas heat this is better enjoyed indoors.

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Tim said...

wow that steak was great :-)