July 9, 2008

Leeds Castle

We just returned from a wet day of sightseeing. We had a wonderful time. I think we have visited England now close to 25 times but had never seen the well known Leeds Castle until today. Though it took a little persuading to get me to spend the day in the rain I am glad now I gave in. You will notice by just the few pictures below how beautiful it is. If you would like to see more pictures go to the link above and scroll down to galleries. Tomorrow is our last day of vacation. We will head home on Friday.


Animation of Amy said...

That's not Leeds Castle! That's my summer home. The least you could have done was push a mower. Glad y'all are having a great time. Next time you go there, let me know and I'll throw you the keys.

Sarah said...

I love Amy's comment~! It is so beautiful. Now I have another place to add to my "must see" list.