May 28, 2008

Special and Chosen

Bo and Jake, our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, went to the Veterinarian today to get their annual shots. We were so proud when we were informed that Bo, our six year old was chosen to participate in a national clinical trial for the newest, FDA approved, doggie weight loss drug. The drug is called SLENTROL. SLENTROL is the first safe and effective weight-loss medication made specifically for obese dogs! I was so excited to hear that 337 other dog owners were surveyed and said that SLENTROL caused their dogs to get more out of life. I just wish I knew what to look for to see if Bo is getting more out of life. I know I am enjoying life but if the weight loss thing works I am going to apply.


Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

He looks totally depressed by the whole idea!

Paul said...

That picture of Bo is hysterical! It seems to have caught his personality to a T!
Hope to see you guys soon!

Walter said...

I enjoyed reading your story. Please join our minister's kid community at!