May 13, 2008

San Antonio one of America's Recession-Proof Cities

Being a native Texan and living here all but five years of my life speaks for itself. I love Texas. I am sure I could learn to live and love other places but at this point there is no need to. San Antonio is the place for me. This was even before I read where San Antonio was second behind Oklahoma City as one of the top recession-proof cities in America. The article stated that San Antonio features solid employment figures and affordable home prices that continues to rise. Its industries are growing; plus it can't hurt that the new AT&T was formed when San Antonio-based SBC Communications swallowed the old AT&T Corp. and BellSouth. The truth is I would love it even if it wasn't recession-proof. Of course I live with the SAN ANTONIO ROSE not to mention rooting for the San Antonio Spurs. READ: America's Recession-Proof Cities

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