May 22, 2008

Coming Soon To South Padre Island

Preacher's Wife and I are so blessed and thankful for our new but used purchase of the 1993 Excella 1000 34 foot airstream. Today we finished cleaning it inside and out. In a couple of weeks it is headed for South Padre Island to spend a month on the beach. Preacher's wife as you can see is quite good at making old things look new (sad that she can't do anything for me). You can see her upholstery job on the couch is great for $30.00 and four hours of work. To be honest I am feeling pretty good especially considering the small amount we paid for this 15 year old beauty.


Marlie said...

How exciting! We can't wait to see it and enjoy some beach time!

Amy Cheshire said...

Ummm....Aren't you forgetting something? The Dixie flag! That's okay. We'll bring ours when we come down there and move in for the summer. That trailer looks plenty big for five more people!

Llanca said...

I like it a lot, I want to have one :-)