February 22, 2008

We had fun in San Diego

It has been almost 40 years since we were here last. I was nineteen, she was sixteen, and we were just married. My how time flies and how things change. Thanks to our snap and drive GPS we were able to find our way around. We spent the first night in Temecula where we enjoyed having dinner with one of the Sister's on the Fly buddies of Preacher's Wife. The next day we drove to Laguna Beach where we intended to stay the night, but it was raining and there would be no walking on the beach or roof top dining, so we drove on back to San Diego. We stayed on the water overlooking the North Island or better known as the Naval Base. We walked, we ate, we ate, and we walked some more. It was a very short but pleasurable trip. I know you will be proud of me for keeping my eyes straight ahead in this photo.

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Marlie said...

She probably has on granny panties anyhow - or those mid-thigh bloomers with the ruffle on the hem. Isn't that what they wore back then?