February 19, 2008

San Diego bound

While I am trying to remember all the details around Marlie's birth to write about, I thought I would keep all you our close friends in the know as to our where abouts. In a couple of hours Preacher's Wife and I will leave for San Diego. As you know we travel all the time, and though it can be pleasurable, we don't always travel just for pleasure. So we decided to go to San Diego. It was 39 years ago since our last visit and it wasn't for pleasure. We were just married and I was stationed there preparing for active duty in the Navy. We thought we would go this time just for fun. Preacher's Wife has a special Sister on the Fly friend not far from there that we will visit, then we will throw caution to the wind and strike out to see sunny California. Anyway we are looking forward to getting away for a few days. The photo above is the USS Ronald Reagan in the San DIego Harbor.

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