February 10, 2008

Waiting for Spring

Preacher's WIfe just walked in and said it was time for me to post something new on my blog. I ask why. Because it has been over a week that's why. What should I say? I don't know it is your blog. Make something up like you do when you preach. Well anyway, I thought I might begin talking about something we have been enjoying together. Of course that would be our new Airstream. We purchased it in September of 2007 and have made a few short trips. We are looking forward to Spring arriving soon so we can get back to exploring Texas State Parks. Soon I will share with you my dream of selling the house, simplifying our life, and living on the road in a larger Airstream. Please notice this is my dream not hers. She has grown quite accustomed to a king size bed and her collection of tea pots. She says that cramming all our belongings and two dogs into that little space doesn't seem simple to her. So much for my dream.

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Amy Cheshire said...

What is it about guys that makes them love living very simplistic and "roughing it". Maybe you and Michael should be roomies.