February 15, 2008

Our Trip To The Rodeo

This post is just blog filler for my wife, children and two friends who hassle me about my infrequent posting. So I will report on Valentine's Day. I thought I was a good hubby yesterday. I won't tell you about the roses and the card, but along with my endeavoring to make this a special day for Preacher's WIfe I took her to the San Antonio Rodeo. She loves the rodeo, especially bull riding. She recognized I was not my real self because I stayed until the last song of entertainer and country singer Clay Walker. The bottom line is I built up some brownie points and enjoyed myself in doing so. I could tell she enjoyed herself as well. I think the compliment that she gave me that really made my day was when she said I was becoming a socially civilized person. Anyway, I will take that as a compliment.

1 comment:

Tim said...

by the look of the photo not many people had the same idea as you

they are so uncivilised!

Don't they know a romantic venue when they see one?!