February 18, 2008

Amy, you are so kind...

Our daughter Amy who with a little help from her husband Michael, gave us three wonderful grandchildren, e-mailed me yesterday. She felt she needed to inform me that I wasn't blogging enough. So I feel compelled to print her letter in full.


I'm sitting in my room with only the glow of the laptop and a small oil lamp in the corner to shine light on the words that I type. And I am wondering, are you at your computer too? Probably. So write another blog, and here are a few suggestions:

1) the birth of Marlie (her baby sister).

2) growing older and wiser

3) a random memory from your childhood-to include smells, the weather outside, etc.

4) something we don't know about you like your top 20 favorite things.

Make S---- up!

Love you!

So I am sitting here trying to follow her advice. I have nothing yet, but I am sure by tomorrow something will come.

Visit her blog at: Animation of Amy


Marlie said...

What do you mean you have nothing yet!?! She hand fed several good ideas. . .and ONE VERY great idea. uh um. . .

Michael said...

Your a preacher for God sakes....We make things up for a living!!!
Go To It.