February 20, 2008

The Baby

It was late Saturday night and I had just finished typing my Sunday sermon and going over it. Preacher's Wife had put our two children to bed and then quietly walked into the room and said, "It's time!" I didn't need to ask, "are you sure?" She was very experienced and just knew those kind of things. She packed her bag while I called a friend to come and watch the other two children. I was just as excited as when the other two came. When we arrived at the hospital the nurse checked her, said it probably wouldn't be long, then she called the doctor.
I sat anxiously in the waiting room wondering if it was a boy or a girl (in those days we didn't know before hand what the sex of the child would be). I had one of each so it really didn't matter as long as the child was healthy and looked like its mother. The closer we got to Sunday morning the more anxious I became because I had forgotten to get someone to substitute for me at church. What could I do? It was too early to call anyone, and by the time others would be awake, it would be too late. So I said a little prayer and just waited. A little after 7 a.m. the doctor came out and told me I had a beautiful little girl with big brown eyes and light brown hair. I was thrilled. I quickly popped in and gave Anne a kiss, saw the baby in the nursery, and went to church. I arrived at church in time to perform my duty but the sermon had changed drastically from what was written the night before. I am not sure the people were edified but I was elated. The baby has now grown into a beautiful woman and I am patiently waiting for her to contribute to the grandchild pool. Let's hear it for the beautiful baby!!!


Marlie said...

Awwwww. . . Thanks Dad!

And good thing you're patient! Kids are work (or have you forgotten?)

Amy Cheshire said...

She was a beautiful baby. Now she is a gorgeous, SKINNY woman. Yea for you, Marlie! You've been fit and skinny long enough. It's time to give one (a baby) up. We want more! We want more!

Marlie said...

Well, lets see. I was an accident (although M and D deny it), so maybe you can have a little accident of your own, Amy. Then you'd have the "more" you're so excited about!