October 4, 2007

OK, OK, I'm back...

We had a wonderful few days together at Bastrop State Park. Texas has over 100 State Parks and this is one of their finest in Texas. I love the beautiful tall pine trees, the fresh air and the quiet. This was our first outing with the new trailer. Preacher's Wife likes it much better than the fifth wheel. I guess I do as well. But what makes Preacher's Wife happy make Son of a Preacher happy. You know what I mean.

October 1, 2007

In the sticks without a computer

Preacher's Wife and I got a new travel trailer and decided to visit one of Texas State Parks for a few days. Being computerless means no blogging unless you want to do it from a cell phone. I thought I would give it a try. We are staying a few days in the Bastrop State Park. Will get back to blogging when I return home.