July 31, 2007

Son of Encouragement

Let me invite you to a new site I opened up. You might enjoy it or know someone who will. Click link Son Of Encouragement

July 30, 2007

This house has gone to the dogs...

This weekend while I was away Preacher's Wife was dog sitting for our youngest daughter. It could not have happened on a better weekend. Oh, don't get me wrong I love my kids and I love dogs. But when the house has a Golden Retriever (still a puppy), one lazy, spoiled Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who lives to eat, one four month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy who lives to poop, and one miniature Dachshund, it makes for one great weekend for me to be gone. I thought I would post this picture of Lucy, Marlie and Andrew's Golden Retriever. She is one beautiful puppy.

July 26, 2007

Gladys, may you rest in peace.

She was our next door neighbor as long as I can remember, and she was like a mother to me...

Her daughter called today to say she had passed on. It was sad to hear but I was able to rejoice because she was 91 and had lived a long and fruitful life. I began blogging in June of 2005 and she and Roy were the subject of my fourth blog. To see how much she meant to Preacher's Wife and me I hope you will read on.

The Little Big People In Your Life...

It is the little big people in your life that make the difference. I had the privilege of growing up in small town USA. From the time Mom and Dad brought me home from the hospital until Anne and I were married, I lived in the same town and same house.

Few people have heard of Roy and Gladys Williams, but they made a big difference in my life. They were our next-door neighbors. Roy and Gladys were well known in our little town as people who really lived their Christian life daily. People needing help could always count on them. It was their two daughters, Nita Sue and Dora Jean, who kept me out of a lot of trouble and helped me graduate from school. The Williams family always seem to believe in me whatever road I was traveling, and in youthful days I spent too much time traveling the back roads going nowhere.

They were just good country people who helped shape this country boy’s life. It was my Sunday School teacher, Mrs. McGuffie, who prophesied that I would be a preacher, but it was Roy and Gladys Williams who paid my first year’s tuition to Bible College. They were not rich people materially, but they were spiritually wealthy. They invested in their church as well as in other people’s lives. They knew their return would be greater than the stock markets.

I could tell many stories of their input into my life, but one seems to stand out above all others at this time.

Anne and I graduated from Baptist Bible College in 1973 and were serving as associate pastors in our first church in Longview, Texas. In August of that year I needed a major operation, so I checked into Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas. The operation was a success, but I was told that I would need to remain in a wheelchair for four months. It would be impossible for Anne to work and care for me and our two children at the same time.

What would we do? You guessed it! Roy and Gladys opened their home to us for the next four months and cared for our family while Anne worked and I recovered. They loved us and cared for us like we were their children. We will forever remember and be grateful for the Williams family.

A few years ago, I was called home to officiate at Roy’s funeral. At the graveside I decided to break a traditional mold. As we stood around the open grave to pay our last respects to Roy Williams, I led the people to give a clap and a cheer to one of God’s favorite heroes.

Maybe today you can think of one of the little big people in your life and give thanks to God for them. If they are still with us, you may write a card or give them a call just to thank them.

July 23, 2007

My wife and the other man...

I left town on Friday for Houston and no sooner than I am out of town my wife makes a date with a younger man. She waited until it got dark. I think it was a little before midnight before she left the house to meet him. She even paid for the privilege to be with him on that special occassion. I later learn that the rendezvous took place at Wal-Mart. Once she picked him up they came back to our home and got in our bed and stayed up most of the night together. I think she finished with him on Saturday afternoon around 4 p.m. She said it had only happened six other times and this would be the last time. She promised. I forgave her and we are both happy this is behind us. Harry may have had her for a day, but I have her for a lifetime. Harry Potter that is.

July 20, 2007

One enjoyable evening...

Preacher's Wife and I, along with some dear friends enjoyed our time together celebrating her birthday at THE LODGE . We laughed, enjoyed some fine wine, as well as each others company. I think Preacher's Wife is going out today to see if she can use her present age to get a discount. She has been waiting for some time to try this. I just hope somebody cards her and makes her feel good. If not the celebration is over and I will pay the rest of the day.

July 18, 2007

Finally Home from our Home away from Home

It is so good to be home from our home away from home. It was a must that we get back to San Antonio. Preacher's Wife is another year older tomorrow and I wanted to make sure we were in San Antonio so I could take her to her favorite place, (THE LODGE) to eat. A little research showed that July 19th is the 200th day of the year as well as the birthday of Vikki Carr. I find it interesting that Preacher's Wife and Vikki Carr have a couple of things in common. They both live in San Antonio and both have handsome husbands. Preacher's Wife was quick to point out that, though she and Vikki were both born on July 19th it was a different year. `What is the big deal about that?

July 16, 2007

Our Home Away From Home

This is our home away from home. We presently have it parked in Harlingen, Texas (Rio Grande Valley) for a few months. Even though it is only 28 feet long it serves us well for short amounts of time. I thought I would get Preacher's Wife all stirred up by snapping this picture with my iphone. Here she comes now, I must quickly push the 'Publish Post' button. Bye..

July 13, 2007

Off to the Rio Grande Valley

Preacher's Wife and I are off again. This time we are headed to the Rio Grande Valley. I will be doing a conference for L.I.F.E (Laborers in Fields of Education). L.I.F.E. is an outreach ministry to the many fine educators in our school system. We will also attend our youngest granddaughters birthday party. On Sunday we will speak for our son at Christian Fellowship Church, McAllen. Then we will rest a few days and visit friends, then come home.

July 11, 2007

Thoughts From The Past..

I will never forget the experience of pastoring my first church. I was just 27 years old and fresh out of Bible College. The church we were called to was a small country church. If I remember correctly, over 80% of the church was over 50 years old, which at that time seemed very, very old. I was young, ambitious, and very excited. They were old, settled, and very satisfied. It wasn't long until the honeymoon was over. Words about me, my family and my ministry begin to fly around all over the place. So, being discouraged, I decided to call my old preacher dad. I told him all the unkind things people were saying about me. I shared how they were unthoughtful and unappreciative. I was having one BIG pity party. I thought if anybody would hear me out and understand it would be him. So after going on and on, he finally stopped me and said, "Son, if the mailman stopped at every barking dog he would never get the mail delivered". He then hung up, making his point. He left me all alone holding the phone having to think about what I had been called to do. I got the point. I had good news to deliver, therefore, I must stay focused. That country preacher counsel has helped me many times in my life and ministry. It might be good counsel for you as well. Don't spend more time listening to people than you do listening to God. Selah! (Pause and think about that.)

July 9, 2007

An English BBQ

England is a beautiful country. Preacher's Wife and I love visiting there. There is one thing you can pretty much count on when you visit England, and that is rain. Our good friends Ron and Gretel Hibbert live outside of London in the township of Watford. I find it amusing that Ron, a good Englishman, was born on the 4th of July. So we both celebrate on the same day for different reasons. He only celebrates for one reason. I celebrate for two reasons. One, I love America and two I love my friend Ron. Gretel sent me this picture of Ron doing an English BBQ on his birthday. As you can see if you are going to BBQ on the 4th of July there, you will need an umbrella.

July 4, 2007

Introducing: Animation of Amy

All my children are very gifted and talented. Of course they take after their mother. Today as I was reading my middle daughter Amy's blog, I realized again she was not only a wonderful wife, mother and gifted singer, she also was a writer. Maybe it's just the dad in me speaking, but I don't think so. She has a gift. I thought I would share her blog Animation of Amy and let you see for yourself.

July 1, 2007

So the wallpaper was butt ugly

I personally liked the old wallpaper behind the old mirror, but all the nasty comments about my taste made me concede. So here is the finished product of the newly remodeled upstairs bath. She will of course add the little touches here and there. All regular guest can now begin their bookings.