March 29, 2007

I take pictures daily...

You must wonder what kind of life I have if I take pictures daily and they are producing no income. Well, first of all let me say I am learning how to enjoy life and the little things that pass before my eyes daily. I haven't finished my correspondence and left my office yet, but that doesn't stop me from taking pictures. Below is the gift that Preacher's Wife bought me, or shall I say approved the purchase thereof.

March 26, 2007

Wild Animals

Preacher's wife and I had our grandsons for the weekend. They came and spent the night Saturday and we went to the Bass Pro Shop on Sunday. We had a blast. By some instinct I have always gone to Cabellas to shop and get ready for my future outdoor hunting and fishing experiences. Anyway, we decided to go to the Bass Pro Shop instead which is only 15 minutes from the house. We had lunch at the restuarant there and wandered around for a couple of hours. It was great. I told Preacher's Wife since it was so close to our house we would be dining and shopping there more on our weekly dates.

March 22, 2007


I have taken up photography and am now an amateur photographer. It all seems so strange. You see when I was a young man growing up, I never read or wanted to learn anything. But now it seems I read anything and want to learn everything. Being computer illiterate a few years ago, I wasn't happy until I could build a website and write a little html code. But for several years now I have enjoyed taking pictures and capturing memories. In fact to this day I carry a camera on me most of the time. My plan does not include becoming a professional photographer, but simply learning how to take very good pictures. With cameras today it is pretty hard to take bad pictures. For me I want to move from taking good pictures to taking great pictures.
I thought I would post the two cameras I use. As I stated I carry the little one with me all the time. For those who give a rip. The Cannon is a D20 and the lens is a EFS 17-85mm. The pocket camera is a Nikon CoolpixS7c.

March 21, 2007

Safe Answers or Serious Questions

I was at Barnes and Noble this week and I picked up Anne Lamott's book "Grace Eventually". She always makes me think outside the box and she did it again. I began to think about growth and maturity (spiritally, psychologically, emotionally ect..) I have discovered in the last few years one will never grow or mature as long as they hold tightly to everything they have ever been told or taught. Growth and maturity doesn't come by acquiring safe answers, but rather by asking serious questions. When I was a child I thought grown-ups and teachers knew the truth, because they told me they did. It has taken most of my life to learn that the first step to finding truth is a willingness to question and unlearn much of what I was taught. Their main pitch was, and is the same today, that achievement equals happiness. We should know this is not true by simply looking at wealthy movie stars and athletes. To find happiness you will have to stop playing their game and find contentment in what you have, and peace with yourself and your Maker. Anne Lamott said, "I saw and smelled the cheese, I lived on it for years, and it wasn't worth it. It was plain old Safeway Swiss.

March 20, 2007

REUNITED at last...

It was so good to see Preacher's wife yesterday when I flew in from Paris (Texas that is). She had just returned home from her long trip to Arizona with her "Sisters On The Fly". I parked her trailer, unpacked my bags, sat down and viewed all her pictures, and then we went out an enjoyed dinner. What a nice reunion after a short 12 days. I have been accused of being too romantic. I don't care what anybody says, it is wonderful to still be in love with the 16 year old girl you married. From time to time people ask, "what makes for a long, loving marriage?" I am not totally sure. But I will admit things got really good after I quit having to be RIGHT. I immediately discovered HAPPINESS. Anyway my experience validates the old adage: I had rather be HAPPY than RIGHT. It worked for me.

March 16, 2007

Who's coming and who's going?

I hoped you have noticed that I haven't whined one bit about the absence of preacher's wife. Missed her? Yes! Today, I leave for Paris (Texas that is) and Sunday she returns home from her 10 day visit to Phoenix, Mesa, and Tombstone Arizona. It seems like one of us, or both, are either coming or going all the time. I hope to have pictures of her Sisters on the Fly Cowgirl College posted next week. She did phone to say out of 60 entries she placed fourth in roping and barrel racing. Now that is some kind of woman.

March 12, 2007

Liberty Bar... a must while in San Antonio

If you were just driving around looking for a place to eat you would not choose this place by its appearance. That's why I am recommending it to you. It is one of my favorite places to eat in San Antonio. It is called the Liberty Bar. The building was built in 1890 and it still leans conspicuously on its foundation (attributed to a 1921 flood).
Liberty Bar is a hip, funky restaurant with a definite scene. Although "Bar" is in the name, it's really all about the food. The menu lists old-time favorites like pot roast, peppered steak, and pasta. Desserts may be what they do best -- try their chocolate cake or their homemade ice-cream. If you are a Tommy Lee Jones fan you may just run into him while you are there. He frequents the place quite often.

March 9, 2007

So this is the proof I'm a 'Real Christian'

A friend just sent me an e-mail that reminded me of something that obviously we both despise.

From time to time I will get an inspirational e-mail from some well-intentioned person. It is often thought provoking and somewhat encouraging. At the end it challenges my faith by informing me that if I did not forward the email that I was not standing up for Christ.
It then encourages me to join the minority of real Christians, the 7%, who will forward the message.

I do not forward these type messages. In fact I delete everything that has FW: in the subject line unless I know the person who sent it very well.

You may question whether or not I am a real Christian. You may think I am a rebel. Come to think of it, I did buy a solid black F-250 truck that Ford calls the Outlaw.

I do stand up for Christ, but refuse to let my participation in an email campaign be the proof of it!

I hope you are one of the 93% who stand up for Christ and don't need to forward an email to prove you are a Christian.

March 8, 2007

Preacher's Wife is Phoenix Bound

Preacher's wife leaves in a few hours for her 12 day on the road trip with the sisters. They call themselves "Sisters On The Fly". They get together every so often and take a road trip to some nice, interesting, far away place. They fish, ride horses, sightsee, or SHOP. I always hope it's not the latter. I washed her trailer and loaded her truck and so she will be up and off before long. The things they never take on their trip are husbands, children and dogs. In that order. I will miss her but I know she will have fun. If you check back you will hear me whinning about her absence or some sad story about what I am going through.

March 2, 2007

Don't let the word sin in this title scare you...

In my reading this week I came across a story that best describes the conflict in every person. In the story the man said he stepped into a phone booth. In this booth there was a sticker, which read: "If you are tired of sin, read John 3:16," beneath it some wayward evangelist of another persuasion had written: "If you are not tired of sin, call 721-5511." I laughed but had to be honest. The longer I live the more I realize that in me, as well as every human heart, lies contradictory impulses that are at war.