February 26, 2007

Real Friends are Friends Forever..

Preacher's wife and I ran into some old friends (Roy and Betty Salazar) the other night at a function on South Padre Island. We enjoyed having dinner with them. In fact, they were one of the first families to join us when we started our first church 25 years ago. They also were our youngest daughter's favorite people to spend the night with. I think it was because Betty spoiled her.

February 19, 2007

Maintenance on Maxine

Preacher's Wife and I had a wonderful weekend together. As previously stated, we enjoyed Xtreme Bull Riding on Saturday. On Sunday we rested and did a little pleasureable work on her vintage trailer. She leaves in a couple of weeks for Cowgirl College in Phoenix, so we thought it best to do a little maintenance on Maxine. It looks like our travels this week will take us to the Rio Grande Valley to see friends and check on the churches there.

February 16, 2007


Preacher's Wife is a devout bullriding fan. While some women got flowers, cards and candy for Valentine's Day, preacher's wife got tickets to Xtreme Bullriding at the San Antonio Rodeo. Our entertainment will be:

Saturday, February 17 at 1:00pm
Cross Canadian Ragweed is a country rock band known famously on college radio stations and beyond. Their talent and style places them right at the top of the Texas/Oklahoma music totem pole. This will be their second appearance at the SA Rodeo, and albums include: "Carney," "Live at the Wormy Dog," "Highway 377," and "Live at Billy Bob's Texas."

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Preacher's Wife

Dear Love,

I was going to rent a billboard but this is the best I can do for now. I leave in a few hours for Dallas and will be gone again on Valentine's Day. Some no doubt are asking how our marriage has survived 38 years without me always being home on this special day. I think you said it best last evening as we were eating ice cream and chocolate hearts. If this was the only day we expressed our love and commitment to one another then our marriage would be in big trouble. But we both know that our love is deeper and more lasting than just a set 24 hour period of time in Feburary. I will be home Friday and we do that something that makes your head rush and your heart flutter everytime we experience it together. Yes, that's right, it will be our time together at the San Antonio Rodeo watching EXtreme Bull Riding. I will be thinking about you today. See you soon.

Love you forever

son of a preacher

February 9, 2007

Rodeo San Antonio

I haven't said much about it before now, but this year I was asked to take a Sunday and preach at the 2007 San Antonio Rodeo. The closer it gets to Sunday I find myself getting more excited. I don't know if this is because of the opportunity to preach or just because I enjoy going to the rodeo hoping to see some bull riding. You might take a look at this link for the time and place if you live in San Antonio and will be at the fairgrounds on Sunday. 2007 San Antonio Rodeo

February 3, 2007

The Real Truth About Cows And Sheep

No doubt you have seen the billboards where the cows seem to prefer chicken. The real truth is, cows prefer cows, therefore they promote eating more chicken, and will say whatever is necessary to get you to eat chicken. Let me change metaphors.

Supposedly, we are to become wiser the older we get. I was reading recently the story of The Good Shepherd and His Sheep. I grew up hearing preachers talking about sheep and comparing them to God's people. I was told that sheep are dumb animials. They are only good for being shaved or slaughtered. Then I discovered from one who grew up on a sheep farm in the Midwest that this was not so. It was cattle ranchers who were responsible for spreading that ugly rumor, all because sheep do not behave like cows. Everyone knows that cows are herded from the rear by hooting, hollering cowboys. But this will not work with sheep because they prefer to be led. You push or drive cows, you lead sheep. They prefer being led to being driven. It was interesting to me how this rumor got started. It was by people who labeled them because they did not behave like their herd. We have a tendency to do the same today. To label people who do not believe and behave like us, or like we expect them to. You can only belong to our little group if you look, act, and think like us. Jesus never lived or taught this. Let me encourage you to be who you are and not what others desire or expect you to be. In the areas where we may need to change, we can trust the Good Shepherd to be patient and help us change. Hopefully I have become a little wiser with years. I have stopped trying to drive sheep and simply encourge them to follow the Good Shepherd and become what He wants them to be.