September 17, 2007

Pigeon Forge Tennessee Bound

Preacher's Wife left early this morning for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. She has gone for a week to a Sisters on the Fly get away.  Of course I am left here at home all alone since children, dogs and husbands (in that order) or not allowed.  They will site see, enjoy fine dining, and possibly visit Dollywood.  I don't think that was one of the sites on the top of her list to see though. I will miss her but I know she is doing what she enjoys and that makes me very happy.

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Anita Sister #440 said...

I met your wonderful wife at our Sisters on the Fly trip. She stopped at my home on the way up and spent the night here in Georgia. I enjoy traveling and meeting new folks--and Anne is a delight. Can't wait to meet her again. Her trailer is wonderful--what a tribute to her Mother!